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What is "Machiken"?

About the Machiken Project

The Yanesen Machiba-no Kenko Project (Machiken) is a project involving researchers from the University of Tokyo and residents of the Yanesen area (Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi) working together with medical specialists to promote improving relationships between local residents and increasing their well-being.

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you want to have fun while improving your health, have concerns about your mind and body, or are having issues with your lifestyle. Come join us! Machiken is also conducting research to explore how our activities can improve the well-being of local residents. Click here for more information.

What is "well-being"?

"Health" is not simply a matter of avoiding illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines “health” as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being." Therefore, "well-being" can be described as being both physically and mentally healthy, having healthy relationships, and having a sense of purpose.

Machiken brings local residents together (in locations including old Japanese-style houses, temples, and bath houses) to participate in activities which promote well-being.

Project Outline

Project Name
Yanesen Machiba-no Kenko Project (Machiken)
Daisuke Son (The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine, Lecturer, Physician)
Start Date
October 2016
Office Address
6-3-5 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo (at the home of Kondo and Son)

Main Staff

  • SuzukiCinema Division
  • Mosha Cinema and Newspaper Divisions
  • YuzukiMindfulness Division
  • HirokoMindfulness Division
  • YoyoMobile Stall Division
  • Tsuka-peeDialogue Division
  • OginDialogue Division
  • KeikoNewspaper Division
  • Kana Newspaper Division
  • Yoshida Newspaper Division
  • Kazu-kunBath House Division
  • TakechanRakugo Division
  • MicchanRakugo Division
  • KakkunPlayback Theatre Division
  • SonsonRepresentative